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Rimba Electro Stimulation Power Box

Rimba Electro Stimulation Power Box

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Twin-channel base 9v unit with variable independent power controls, with battery, 2 clamps, connectors and 4 self-adhering neurostimulation electrode pads. All Rimba electro stimulants below plug into this unit!
This Starter set comes with a 9V battery, clamps, adhesive pads and cables included.
The power box has two channels that can be adjusted individually by turning buttons which allow you to slowly and gently increase the power of the currency. At this power box unit, two individual bi-polar accessories can be connected and played with at the same time. We advise putting the switch that you find in the battery compartment at position B.
The base of electro sex stimulation is to create an uncontrollable muscle contraction by means of an electric shock. The electroshock excites a nerve and provides a contraction of one or more muscles located in the immediate area of that nerve. The stronger the stimulus, the greater the force of contraction of the muscle will be.Rimba has a wide range of accessories designed to connect to any of the Rimba power boxes. The accessories (electrodes) have different shapes and sizes, tailored to the erogenous zones for both men and women.

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