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Rimba Electro Stimulation Ballstretcher Parachute

Rimba Electro Stimulation Ballstretcher Parachute

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For your erotic electro-sex pleasure we bring you this sensational sex toy!If you are into the exciting world of electro sex this fabulous electric parachute, and if done at the proper settings this sensational parachute can stimulate intense pleasure, however, for the more submissive when they are naughty produce excruciating pain!Rimba Electro Play flexible rubber ball parachute Including Cable. The rubber cup is Bi-polar and only conductive on the inside. The chute closes by using two leather belts with buckles. The cup is not self-adhesive so they need to connect well to the skin to make good contact. Rimba contact gel provides optimum contact between the electrodes and the body, which has a positive effect on the sensitivity of power electroshock.

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